Horses in modern society

Do horses have a role to play in today’s society? Historically, they have been used as a mode of transport, working on farms, for hunting and for food. Today all these tasks can be accomplished without the use of a horse.


Riding a horse or using it to pull a stage coach, horses were the main source of transportation about 150 year ago. Today we have cars, motorbikes, coaches, trains, planes and bicycles to get us to our destinations. All of these modes with the exception of the bicycle is faster than a horse over a long distance.

They can gallop at about 25 to 30 mph (40 to 48 km/hr) but cannot sustain this for a long period of time.

The weather, terrain, how heavy their load is and road conditions also play a part in determining how fast and how long a horse can run for.

They can walk all day, however this gets you to your destination slower and take longer.

So as a form of transportation, horses are no longer needed as much as we have other forms of transportation that travel at much greater speeds and gets us to our destination quicker.


This is something the horse is still possibly needed for as hunting usually occurs in the woods and the need to a quite approach is high.

Horses are able to get a hunting party close to where the prey is and as they can run quite fast can also chase prey.

The alternative to using a horse is to walk.

So I would say horses are still needed for hunting.

Working on farms

Depending on how large a farm you have, you could use horses, cars, quad bikes, motorbikes or even walking to get around a property.

It all depends on what task needs to be accomplished.

To fix a fence, taking a car (truck) may be best as you can load it with supplies needed to mend the fence.

To check on the animals, a quad bike, motor bike or horse could be used.

To get the mail, you could walk to the postbox if its not delivered to the door.

On a farm, it all depends on what task is to be accomplished and which mode of transport would aid the completion of that task as efficiently as possible.

Horses still have a part to play on farms.


There are countries, such as China, Indonesia, Germany, Belgium, Japan, Switzerland that eat horse meat.

Some of the benefits of eating horse meat is its leanness.

Lets compare 85g of horse meat to 85g of beef tenderloin


Horse meat has 149 calories vs. beef tenderloin which has 179g


They both have 24g of protein


Horse meat has 5g of fat vs beef tenderloin which has 9g of fat, this could reduce the need to buy Phen 375 a fat burning pill humans use to fight body fat go to to find out more

So why do we not eat more horse meat? Here are 3 potential reasons.
1) Well, in many cultures, they are considered to be pets and we do not eat our pets, they are part of the family
2) Cows are a more efficient source of food than horses
3) It also costs less to feed cows than horses, therefore profit margins can be higher by trading in beef

In conclusion, we still need horses for hunting, farming and food, but not as our main mode of transport.