Horse Trails: How to prepare for multi day trek


There are many great horse trails around the world, however recently I made a discovery of a little known horse trail in Tasmania.

Tasmania? Where is that I hear you asking?

Well it is the small island that is off the bottom end of Australia and the horse trail I speak of is called the Tasmanian Trail

I love taking my horse out on a weekend trek and have also managed a weeklong trek along some great trails in the UK and Europe. Another riding highlight was when a friend in America offered for me to use one of their horses to go on a four-day trek with him in the Green River Lake State Park in Kentucky.

I am fortunate to know some people in Tasmania and I am planning to visit them in March next year. The three of us will be spending six days riding along the Tasmanian Trail and I am looking forward to it immensely.

If you would like to take your horse on a trail you need to plan ahead and make sure you know some basics for you and your horses safety.

• Do some research on the Terrain you will be covering and be prepared to lead your horse over some areas.

• Make sure you have enough food for your horse or have access to food along the way.

• Take a portable bucket with you so you so you can gather water from a steam if access to the water for your horse is difficult.

• Make sure you check your saddle for faults before you go and make sure you are able to secure any load you are carrying with you on your trips.

• Know the basics on how to care for your horse if it becomes injured or sick and always make sure you have access to a vet if needed.

It is also important to think about yourself and any other riders who may be with you while on a trek.

• Check that your camping gear is sufficient for any potential weather in the location you are riding. A good sleeping bag is a must.

• Have enough food and water between places where you can restock and refill. I find a camelback is great for carrying my water.

• Make sure you stay alert while riding anywhere new and unfamiliar so you can keep yourself and your horse safe. I find one of the best brain supplements to take is Alpha Brain when going on an extended ride.

• Take appropriate clothing and shoes to suit the weather conditions you expect to experience. Doing some research on the weather patterns for where you plan to ride is very important.

Most importantly when taking your horse on a multiday trek make sure you have fun and really take in the scenery around you. There is nothing better than being out in nature and enjoying doing something that you truly love.