Traveling with Horses

Horses have been a huge part of human life for thousands of years. In fact they are the reason our society is as advanced as it is.

So I am sure it comes as no surprise to find that in today’s modern society horses are still treasured and loved. And though we don’t need them anymore, we still love them dearly.

We really consider horses pets, and we love nothing more than to travel with our pets. So how do you travel well with your horses?

travelling with horses

Traveling with Horses

  • You will need a way to transport your horse. You could ride your horse to your destination, but depending on where you are going that could take way too long. The most common way to travel with horses today is in a trailer. Make sure that any trailer you buy has a sturdy floor and is made for horses. You could severely harm or even kill your horse if you don’t have the proper trailer for it.
  • Make sure you bring all the essentials for your horse. You will need your bridal, your saddle blanket, your saddle, hoof pick, brushes and if you are going on a long trip you will need food. Also make sure that where you are going it has clean drinking water. If you run your horse a lot they will need to drink.
  • Always check the surrounding area you park for trash. Horses are naturally curious animals and they love to investigate. If there is trash laying around the area you park your horse could get into trash it’s not supposed to. Just last month I read an article about a horse that got into the trash and got a bottle of RegenePure, a hair thickening shampoo, all over his legs. Luckily it was nothing that could harm the horse, but imagine if it was something dangerous. So keep an eye on your horse and it’s surroundings.
  • Make sure your horse is prepared for the area you are traveling too. If you are going somewhere with extreme heat you will need to bring items that can keep your horse cool. If you are going somewhere very cold and your horse doesn’t have it’s winter coat you will need to bring plenty of blankets. Also if you plan on taking your horse on a mountain trail, make sure it is not too steep and that it is well suited for horses. You don’t want to injure your horse

Follow this advice and you will have fun traveling with your horse for years!