The Evolution of Horse Transportation

Isn’t it incredible?  In our modern society we have come such a long way in terms of transportation.  Way back in the day EVERYONE, and when I mean everyone, I mean EVERYONE used horse and carriage.  Quite frankly, it’s quite daunting even thinking about how people got around.

Horse and Carriage

Could you imagine having to wake up every morning, jump on your horse and ride your way to work?  That was once an every day reality for society.  Could you imagine the struggles that people would have to overcome if they were travelling long distance, whether it’s from coast to coast or to new faraway lands?  Horses are so much more susceptible to nature’s obstacles.  Wind, hail, rain, hungry predators, and lack of food/water are just some of the examples.

The introduction of society to the automobile has literally saved us from massive inconvenience and hardship.  Cars do not have to eat.  They do not have to sleep.  They can withstand rain, wind, and hail one hundred times better than a horse.  No matter how well you train a horse or what kind of crazy natural supplements you feed it, it’s performance and durability will never outshine that of a well-engineered automobile. The introduction of the airplane took that convenience even further!

With that being said, it’s important for us to take some time to really embrace the luxury we have with contemporary transportation.  We should be grateful for the evolution of technology, and at the same time, respect the incredible assistance that horses have provided us throughout history.  They have literally blazed the trail for exploration, commerce, and every day living!  Horses carried us throughout time until we became smart enough to fabricate Toyota, Honda’s , and Volkswagens!